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Jaime Garza drives innovation in Texas as principal investigator of a pivotal/Phase III trial for GID BIO’s cellular therapy

As the number of companies developing and producing medical devices rises in South Texas, Colorado-based GID BIO enters the forefront of innovation with its cellular therapy and SVF-2 technology platform being tested for knee osteoarthritis in an FDA-compliant pivotal/Phase III clinical trial led by principal investigator and San Antonio physician, Dr. Jaime Garza, MD, DDS, FACS

Featured in San Antonio Business Journal, this unique technology platform is a small, single-use device that isolates regenerative cells from a patient’s fatty tissue, which are processed on-site, concentrated into a cellular implant and injected into the patient’s problematic knee, writes reporter Scott Bailey.

GID BIO’s cellular therapy is aimed at treating pain and function associated with grades II-IV knee osteoarthritis. Together with the SVF-2 technology platform, it is a first-of-its-kind system that provides a potential therapeutic for 14 million US adults with knee osteoarthritis who are currently limited to steroid injections for managing pain or total knee replacement surgery.

Dr. Garza, whose group has been leading GID BIO’s clinical trials for almost a decade, will lead this pivotal/phase III clinical at Texas Center for Cell Therapy and Research which he says is “usually the make-or-break trial.”  

Working with Dr. Garza and his group, says GID BIO’s CEO, William Cimino, “has really been a powerful way to move things forward.”

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