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What is Cellular Therapy?

Cellular therapy uses live cells and tissues to repair and regenerate the body without drugs or major surgery.

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Technology addresses reduced stromal cell function or activity by supplementing the endogenous stromal cell population with exogenous stromal cells, i.e., transplanting healthy viable stromal cells isolated from a small adipose tissue sample from another part of your body.


Less Is More

Decisions involving medical treatment can be hard to make. Total knee replacements can be complicated for a variety of reasons. With a cellular implant, a patient’s own cells are used which means less pain, no drugs for osteoarthritic pain and less cost. The procedure can also cut down time spent rehabilitating. With a cellular implant, less is more.

Musculoskeletal Therapies

For individuals suffering from osteoarthritis, the musculoskeletal procedure with SVF-2 technology may provide an effective, lasting alternative to traditional injections and total joint replacement.

Musculoskeletal Therapies