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The GID Story

GID BIO first formed in 2010 with a mission to treat degenerative musculoskeletal and systemic diseases through innovative, safe and effective cellular medicine therapies that make cellular medicine possible for everyone.

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GID BIO completes Phase IIb clinical trial, successfully meeting endpoints and two-year safety results. Read More

Click here to read our blog post on how GID BIO moves one step closer to helping relieve the $200 billion osteoarthritis burden on the U.S. healthcare system with two new Category III CPT codes.


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Technology addresses reduced stromal cell function or activity by supplementing the endogenous stromal cell population with exogenous stromal cells, i.e., transplanting healthy viable stromal cells isolated from a small adipose tissue sample from another part of your body.


Introducing the SVF-2

In a major development a single disposable device and therapy could become the first FDA-approved cellular medicine treatment for osteoarthritis of the knee. The SVF-2 uniquely harvests, isolates, concentrates and extracts the right amount and type of a patient’s own healing cells for a cellular implant to help control pain, reduce inflammation and repair inflamed tissue in the knee. FDA compliant clinical trials for this no-joint-surgery, minimally invasive option have shown no serious adverse events and significant improvements in pain, stiffness and function.


Less Is More

Decisions involving medical treatment can be hard to make. Total knee replacements can be complicated for a variety of reasons. With a cellular implant, a patient’s own cells are used which means less pain, no drugs for osteoarthritic pain and less cost. The procedure can also cut down time spent rehabilitating. With a cellular implant, less is more.


Harnessing The Power of Cells

Our bodies have 37 trillion cells with hundreds of different types, many of which are healing and regenerative. By identifying and utilizing those cells, the SVF-2 device and corresponding procedure will act as a catalyst for the body to start healing itself intelligently.