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Autologous cellular implants for orthopedic and musculoskeletal therapies

Proven Effective

Minimally Invasive

Pending FDA Approval

Easy and Accessible

From the Painful Present to a less invasive future

Conventional treatment of osteoarthritis begins with physical therapy, weight loss, and over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs. As the severity of symptoms increase, so does the treatment, requiring multiple steroid injections or use of hyaluronic acid injections. These treatments mask the pain of osteoarthritis but do nothing to slow its progression or reverse the underlying causes. Eventually, many patients resort to total joint replacement—a significant surgical procedure with significant cost.

The SVF-2 presents an exciting new way to treat osteoarthritis with cellular medicine. Rather than masking symptoms of osteoarthritis, this process uses the patientʼs own cells to create a healing environment within their body. The goal is to ultimately enable the bodyʼs innate healing intelligence to repair damage, eliminate or significantly reduce pain, and prevent further deterioration.

The Process is Simple


Using the SVF-2, a small sample of adipose tissue is extracted from the patient.



Using the SVF-2, a small sample of adipose tissue is extracted from the patient.



From that tissue, we isolate a heterogenous mixture of the essential stromal and vascular cells that enable natural tissue repair and regeneration.



The autologous cellular implant is then extracted from the SVF-2 device and then reintroduced into the body at site of damage.

In the most severe cases of osteoarthritis, joint replacement may still be required, but for many, this process presents a long-term, non-surgical, regenerative solution.